“This year has been hard for my family as my boyfriend lost his job due to COVID and he still has not received any unemployment. We really aren’t sure what the hold up is but he hasn’t gotten anywhere unfortunately. Since I’m the only one working we are barely getting by. We were able to save up a little money to buy a few gifts but the day we went shopping my car was broken into and they got my wallet and the gifts we did buy so now I’m back to square one and no money. We’re behind on pretty much all of our bills and would appreciate any help to make Christmas happen for our children! Thank you.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 5, Clothes size 7/8 shoe size 1, Likes jojo siwa, lol dolls and barbies

Child #2: Girl, Age 7, Size 10/12 shoe size 2, Likes lol dolls, omg dolls, barbies

Child #3: Girl, Age 4, Clothes 5t shoe size 9c, Likes toy story, jojo siwa, frozen

Child #4: Boy, Age 7, Clothes Size 10/12 shoe size 3, Likes dinosaurs, hot wheels, Star Wars

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