“I’ve been out of work on a leave of absence as I get infusions every 5 1/2 months and have lung disease. I work in a nursing home which so happens at the time (I worked on the) covid unit and still at this time has covid as this will be around for a long time. With a weakened immune system and lung problems I need to have a chance and not be in that situation until things are more clear. So with that being said I have not been to work and I’m on pandemic unemployment. My savings went. I thought I could make Christmas happen but it won’t because the bills come first as I won’t dare take a chance and not pay my rent or bills and think I will still have a home. I receive foodstamps and just Pandemic unemployment so there’s no room for anything extra barely for our necessities”

Child #1: Boy, Age 8, A coat size xl in children hat gloves twin size bed comforter bike likes Fortnite Mandalorian

Child #2: Girl, Age 13, Girl 13 years old coat size medium in teen/women’s socks a beam hat fleece blanket robe target gift card likes bath spray

Child #3: Boy, Age 17, Xxl men’s socks bath towels twin size bedding pillow would like a Walmart or target gift card

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