“I’m on disability and my children receive it through me. My husband has been out of work now for 2 months and is in need of a surgery which will most likely need to file for disability. My youngest son is being treated for depression and anxiety due to the affects of Covid. My oldest is also having a rough time with Anxiety due to Covid. Both my kids had Covid back in April. I was working Per Diem and no longer as I stopped in March to stay with my kids for Remote Learning. Work for me gave me purpose and now I feel like I have lost myself. I just found out I have medical problems and will be undergoing a procedure which will perhaps lead me to another procedure and laid up in bed for 6 weeks and make my depression worse. I’ve been hospitalized in the past for my depression and struggle everyday. Watching my son now struggle breaks my heart even more. My kids have seen me suffer and hospitalized and I have tried my hardest to stay afloat. Our finances are difficult now that my hub got injured and not making his full amount. We are not in the holiday spirit and we don’t know how to be for our 11 & 13 yo. when times are very difficult. They say they understand but they are kids and I’m sure they feel that this house isn’t as happy as it use to be with everything going on… My hub and I were always able to provide and this Christmas is going to be very difficult…Thank you”

Child #1: Boy, Age 13, Needs Hoodie sweat shirts size Men’s Large, Mens sweatpants size Small, Slippers Size Men’s 11, Mens pj’s bottoms M, and PJ tops Mens Large, Axe Deodorant or Dove Deodorant NOT ANTIPERSPIRANT, Gel for hair, Size Queen Jersey knit sheets, Winter hat, gloves, scarf, Mens winter coat Large, Size 11 winter boots Men, Socks CREW, Large Mens Crew Undershirts, White, Blanket, Spinning toothbrush; WANTS Giftcards for Visa, Amazon, Gamestop, Bestbuy, Champs Sports, DICKS Sporting Goods & Footlocker, Old Navy, American Eagle, Cologne

Child #2: Boy, Age 11, Needs, Clothes Size Tops Large 14/16 Bottoms Large, Shoes size 6.5 in sneakers, Size 6.5 boots, Size 6.5 Slippers, PJs Size 14, New Pillows, Robe Youth Large, Twin size Jersey knit sheets, Twin size Comforter, DEODERANT AXE OR DOVE, Hair gel, spinning toothbrush, Large Undershirts White Crew Boys, Large boys Underwear boxer briefs; WANTS, Giftcards GAMESTOP CARD, AMAZON CARD, FOOTLOCKER, BEST BUY, DICKS SPORTING GOODS, VISA, OLD NAVY, GAP, Basketball indoor game double shootout game

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