“Hey guys… family of 4 COVID this year is not looking good for us. I lost my job (and I’m trying to get) unemployment. My girlfriend has food stamps thank God… It’s hard paying my bills. I’m past due for 3 months now. It would be nice to have my kids this year with presents due to no money at all. Thank you for this big help and for making my kids Christmas come true”

Child #1: Girl, Age 3, Shirt size 3t, shoes size 6, toddler bet set, learning book ,toys as in cocomelon, conditioner, shampoo, lotion, kids towels, learning toys ,and pull ups size 5t-6t

Child #2: Baby Girl, Age 1, Diapers size 6, clothes size 12 month, baby shampoo and conditioner, baby toys, bottles 8oz, play pin set , car seat ,and baby jackets

Child #3: Boy, Age 10, Phone ,iPad for school at home , x clothes shirt size medium adult, pants sizes 36 men ,shoes size 8,socks,drawing stuff, pants sizeL,watch, towels, twin bed sheets ,deodorant,shampoo for men, ps5

Child #4: Girl, Age 9, Shoes size 2, nails ,shirt size 7t pants size 7t sweaters size s, phone, tablet for school, hair products , drawing stuff

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