“I’m hear in all humbleness look for Christmas help for my kids. I lost my job due to covid. things is a bit ruff. I am a victim of domestic violence from my kids father me and my children relocated here from (the south). I am here in NY with no family or anything just my kids and I. We are try so hard to build a safe and humble life here. My kids are pretty much in need of many things and so am I but just to have the necessary items I will be ever more grateful

Child #1: Girl, girls shoe size 2 jeans size 8 shirt size 8 socks and underclothes she loves the Lol girls toys and books

Child #2: Boy, Age 9, size 10 in little boys clothes socks he likes video games basketball action figures his shoe size is 4

Child #3: Boy, Age 13, he wears a size medium in shirts his shoe size is 8 socks blanket and basketball sweat pants medium

Child #4: sweat pants medium in men socks size 10 blanket basketball towels

Child #5: Girl, Age 15, Size 6 in girls shoes size 5 in jeans medium in shirts blanket and towel game boards science books socks

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