“Me and husband lost our jobs do to covid and company closed so we make enough to pay bills and we lost our food stamps because we got unemployment. We also have a child with health issues and help with our grandson. If possible we cud use either food basket or gift cards to Walmart or ShopRite would be appreciated”

Child #1: Boy, Age 18, Needs a men xl coat, needs pants 36w 32l or lx sweats, men xl shirt, needs socks size 10, he likes sports, like basketball, could use a winter blanket or walmart gift card also could use hygiene products

Child #2: Girl, Age 14, Needs she loves leggings lx, jeans stretchy, needs socks size 8, shirts women lg, needs bed set for queen bed. Needs coat women xl, loves crafts and needs hair and hygiene products or Walmart gift cards

Child #3: Boy Age, 13, Needs Nivea men body wash (ask for this kind due to skin issues), needs hygiene products. Wears husky 20 pants or lg men sweats, men lg shirts, needs a winter coat, loves a new basketball or walmart gift card

Child #4: Boy Age 2, Needs 3/4 t clothes, needs pullups 3/4t and wipes loves baby shark , dinosaurs and cars that make noise.

Asking for help with Christmas dinner

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