“I am a mother of 6 in need of help this year. I have no income. My husband fell ill with brain cancer as I have to care for him and my children full time. I am awaiting temp assistance and I only have enough left from when I was working to cover my rent no extra. Thank you all for help we appreciate it greatly.”

Girl, Age 6, underwear size 6x and socks and coat,gloves, my little pony sleeping bag, barbie, doll, carebear stuffed animal, jojo siwa bows, jojo siwa sneakers size 13, hangers, plastic dresser, night light, hair chalk, kids make up set

Child #2: Boy, Age 3, coat size 4t ,face masks,gloves,pull ups size 2t,sippy cup,pajamas 4t, light up sneakers size 9, blocks, toy truck, mickey mouse toys, spiderman toys, teddy bears, pants 3t, long sleeved shirts 4t, slippers, sleeping bag, boots size 10, hat, sleep mat, body wash, brush, tooth brush, tooth paste

Child #3: Baby Boy, Age 1.5, bottle set,pajamas 2t,diapers size 4,wipe,blanket,bubble bath,hat,jacket 2t gloves, blocks, teddy, tonka truck
musical toys, boots size 7, slippers, towels, bath robe, pooh bear toys
sofa bed
pants 2t
formula soy based
baby shampoo
baby powder
butt paste

Child #4: Boy, Age 5, underwear size 4t,socks,pants size 5,shirts size 6 ,slippers,jacket 6x,pajamas .soap,shampoo,tooth brush,hat,face masks,gloves,blanket,hangers,brush,sneakers size 13,boots size 12,towel
paw patrol toys
star wars dark vader doll
sonic the hedge hog stuffed animal
kids sheet set
pj mask guecko toys
top wings toy
plastic bin for his toys
lava lamp

Child #5: Boy, Age 8,

underwear size 8 ,socks,slippers,bathrobe,pants 7 slim,sweatshirts size 8,jacket size 10,hat, gloves,scarf, face masks,plastic dresser for clothes,sneakers size 3 ,boots size 3,pajamas size 7, sheet set twin, blanket ,soap,shampoo,tooth brush ,towel ,brush,wipes

pj mask cat boy doll
pj mask toys
minecraft stuffed animal
roblox gift card
bluey toys
coloring books and crayons
soothing sound machine for sensory issues and aniexty issues
pj mask sleeping bag
remote control toy

Child #6: Newborn Baby Girl, bottles,pacifer,diapers,wipes,rattle,bubble bath,shampoo,butt paste,blankets,hats,scratch mittens,socks
car seat
carseat cover
musical toys
plastic bins large
breast pump
newborn sleep sack

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