“Single mom of 3 boys. I’m in the middle of a nasty divorce he was abusive to me and our boys. Plus my health is not so good l need an operation but can’t afford to get to Cleveland Ohio. I don’t have family support. The child support covers the rent so there is not much left over. I recently just lost my food stamps because I don’t qualify anymore so food is difficult right now. We do go to the food pantry but my children are really picky especially my youngest he has autism so his needs trump everything in the house as far as food. So I’m looking for help to give myself and kids a great Christmas. Thank you all God bless and stay safe”

Child #1: Boy, Age 14, full size bed frame, size medium mens clothes, wireless bluetooth headphones, video games, X box gift card

Child #2: Boy, Age 15, full size bed frame, clothes XL mens, wireless bluetooth headphones, TV, video games. X box gift card

Child #3: Boy, Age 11, (has autism) size medium mens clothes, Ryan’s World toys, snoopy, he is an artist like me loves to draw

Household requests: TV for family room, gift cards, food

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