“Hello I’m only asking for help this year due to we had to go from a two income family to one due to covid hit I have to stay home to school my three school aged kids we only have one vehicle which is not big enough for us especially since we have a grandbaby on the way. My oldest does live with us but she don’t even make much at her job which she’s about to be on leave since she’s going to have a baby soon. We have been struggling to keep food lights and rent going as well as internet since kids needs it for school. We can’t even help out our daughter who needs things for her baby. We don’t get any assistance at all. We even have some issues with food at times”

Child #1: Boy, Age 10, Needs shoes size 7 socks and winter clothes and PJs clothes size is size 10-12 wants rc cars zombie toys as well as arts and crafts skate board drone walkie talkies head phones body spray deodorant

Child #2: Girl, Age 12, Needs clothes size 14-16 PJs Wants makeup color hair clip ins body spray 8 ball rubix cube jewelry making kits arts and crafts anything girlie head phones deodorant

Child #3: Boy, Age 15, Needs clothes 14-16 men’s shoes size 10-10.5 PJs Wants zombie books military books and things art stuff skate board drone head phones body spray deodorant

Child #4: Young Woman, Age 20, I’m not going to ask for her but for her baby girl that she’s having she needs wipes diapers size 1 and up blankets socks and she does need for herself hygiene products for after the baby is born she is trying to get things on her own but it’s just hard for her

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