“I am a single mother of 2 girls ages 10 and 6 .. I have been laid off from my job working for the school district .. I only get unemployment now which is barely making the bills .. I am home homeschooling my girls since I have no other help with them .. I am not on any public assistance… I want my girls to have a decent Christmas since it has been extremely stressful on us all .. we have also lost our grandmother whom we were very close with recently.. We are grateful and thankful for anything and appreciate it tremendously”

Child #1: Girl, Age 10, She loves American dolls (target brand) and the accessories.. she also loves arts and crafts (there is a rock painting and a food sewing kit from Michaels) .. She is a juniors medium in pants ..
Shes a juniors large in shirts .. she loves cute girly styles 

Child #2: Girl, Age 6, She loves barbies and barbie playsets.. She also loves the American girl (target brand) dolls and accessories.. she loves lol’s also .. she could use some underwear she is a size 12 .. shes a large for tops and dresses she likes to wear dresses .. shes a large for pants as well .. she doesn’t wear jeans .. Jojo siwa blanket / pillow / things

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