“This is a family with two parents and five children. Dad works but is laid off at least once every two weeks if not more because his job is weather related. Mom works but due to COVID the business has been closed for almost the whole month of November and when anyone tests positive, it is a daycare. The youngest has multiple delays/needs and recieves services in the form of multiple therapies types. Another child struggles with educational and emotional issues/needs. The family has been struggling to make ends meet and the holidays pose a financial challenge and hardship for them”

Child #1: Boy, Age 2, snowsuit 3t and snow boots 7, trucks, books, music, farm house with animals

Child #2: Boy, Age 4, small trampoline, swing, anything spiderman , loves the color red, play sets

Child #3: Girl, Age 5, dolls, barbie, crafts, snowsuit 6, snow boots 12, coloring supplies, painting supplies, beads, kitchen set, pretend play stuff, dress up

Child #4: Girl, Age 8, snow suit 8, snow boots 2, pretend play and DOLLS and accessories, arts and crafts, uno, twister, Jojo Shoots and ladders

Child #5: Boy, Age 9, anime, blocks, legos , magana tiles, science experiments, science, solving mysteries, soccer, treasure hunts, connect four

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