“I need this help because I’m a single mom with 4 kids who started to not believe in Christmas anymore because I cant afford it. I have no support from my kids’ daddy. I’m not working because I lost my job due to the virus and the little money that I do get goes to all my bills. My light bill is $209 and I don’t know how I’m going to pay that. I just cant afford (Christmas presents) and I pray everyday that God bless us with a good Christmas this year.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 6, LOL doll house, LOL boots, LOL jacket, LOL dolls, LOL TV, Baby Alive doll, Barbies, Shoe size 2, Clothes size 6, shirts small to medium

Child #2: Girl, Age 10, Bike, Boots size 10, Tablet, Skates size 10, Real doll head, Baby Alive doll

Child #3: Girl, Age 12, Real doll head, Skates size 10, Ugg-style boots size 10, Clothes size 13/14, Chrome book or tablet.

Child #4: Boy, Age 15, Xbox gift card, Xbox head set, Boots size 10.5, cologne, Jacket size XL, Bike

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