“I am a single mom of 3 and we are struggling badly. It’s hard trying to manage childcare fees, rent and children all by myself . I do not have support from any of the children’s dads. I also work, which I am very grateful for the job, but I barely make enough to pay the bills. I am behind in bills over two months and it’s really hard for me because I need them to have a roof over their heads but I feel bad not having gifts under their tree especially because I’ve been that child to not have gifts under the tree. We were just donated a tree for Christmas and I was only able to buy them two gifts per child because I am trying to catch up with my rent .. I cry everyday knowing that I can’t give them what they wish for it’s hard being a young single mom any help to us would be a blessing.

Child #1: Girl, Age 6, Size 8 clothes , deodorant, full size bedding jojo siwa, , underwear, training bras, socks (foot size 12 in kids ), Barbies

Child #2: Boy, Age 8, Size 12-14 clothing , twin size bedding power rangers , loves power ranger action figures , deodorant, underwear, socks size 4.5 big

Child #3: Boy, Age 3, He actually needs a bed, loves paw patrol, clothes size 4-5T , needs underwear, socks , Loves dinosaurs and trucks, loves paw patrol toys

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