“Me and my partner have 5 children. I’m a stay at home mom/homeschool teacher. I recieve foodstamps and thats it. He has had the bare MINIMUM of work due to covid. Right before Thanksgiving we lost his father to cancer. We inherited his house and have dropped every penny of savings we had left into making this house clean, safe, etc for our kids. We have 2 possibly 3 kids on the spectrum so it required alot of extra safety features. Tomorrow December 8th I have my first of unknown number of surgeries to remove cervical cancer and ovarian cancer, while trying to manage autoimmune disease. I also have asthma, heart problems, severe anxiety, and panic disorder with agoraphobia (which has only got worse since covid)”

Child #1: Girl, Almost 11, Twin size bedding and new pillow. Winter coat size 10/12, Anything preteeny. She will not ever say she wants something specifically. Any personal care items are always good. Recently into among us

Child #2: Girl, Age 7, Teen small clothes., Teen 3 in pants (stretchy or sweat pants. She has autism and jeans drive her nuts), Twin size bedding. Winter coat. Super into baby dolls (especially ones that have any noise or motion)

Child #3: Boy, Age 6, DESPERATE need of winter coat 5T, Twin size bedding.
Anything pirate, batman, etc. Also has ASD sp any sensory toys. Very sensory seeking.

Child #4: Girl, Almost 5, Twin bedding, Anything unicorn or pony. Socks and underwear (6x)

Child #5: Girl, Age 2.5, Crib size bedding. Anything unicorn, pony, baby shark, or blippi

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