“Hi, I am a single mother of 3 beautiful boys and a 19 year old beautiful girl that I took in as my own and they all mean the world to me. Due to the pandemic I have lost my job and have had paying for rent and bills since then. I receive unemployment, but it does not last me at all I only receive $141.00 a week. That is barely enough to get diapers and wipes and winter clothes. I have looked for jobs, but I have had no luck. I am so afraid that I would not have not even close to enough to get my kids gifts this year… We would be very grateful with just anything as long as everyone is happy. God is good and I just want my kids happy and they are not picky at all. They will be great full either way. They understand that I don’t have much to give. I also am dealing with my 57 year old mother who suffers from early stages of dementia. It’s very hard but as I already said GOD is good.”

Child #1: Young Man, Age 18, He is into video games. Xbox to be exact. I cannot afford the new Xbox he asked me for, but he does need clothes. Size medium and 30/32 in jeans. He is not picky he will be happy with anything

Child #2: Boy, Age 4, Needs winter clothes and pull ups size 4t-5t. He love dinosaurs and loves to play games on my phone

Child #3: Baby Boy, Age 1, Winter clothes and pull ups 4t-5t. Also shoes size 9. He loves baby shark and enjoys playing with any new toys that make noise or music

Child #4: Young Woman, Age 19, Need clothes size large and wants an iPad or the new EarPods. Also she is into lashes some what big and coloring books and color

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