“My life has truely changed forever! I recently had a Left eye Enucleation (Removal) Friday October 16,2020 has been the most unbelievably painful scariest life changing surgery in my life. I’ve never been so scared, & I still am. My left eye is gone! After 2 failed Cornea Transplants in 2018 & 2019, Cataract Removal, Lens Implant, numerous lasik procedures due to glaucoma to bring the pressure down, scar tissue on my retina with severe inflammation ,they said my optic nerve was so damaged they could not save my eye!!! I have a long way to go of recovery & healing before I even get the Ocular Prosthetic Implant, which if all is healed will be March 2021!!! With back rent, bills, raising 3 children, day to day life’s needs & the holidays coming up I just feel so vulnerable. I need to focus on Rest Recovery & Healing preparing my body for The Ocular Prosthetic implant once the inside is healed!! This has taking me everything in my soul to reach out I am truly in need of help this holiday season. Any help will be beyond a blessing, to help me & my family get thru this Please continue to keep me & my family in your thoughts & heart with love & prayers for I have along road of healing ahead of me Thank u with every fiber of my being God bless you all”

Child #1: Girl, Age 12, Light up mirror, Bunk bed for her & her sister (they share a room), A professional camera with different lens, photography is her passion, Skin care, Led lights for her room, Size 12-14 Shoe size 8

Child #2: Girl, Age 10, Slime kits, art canvas & paints, Bunk bed to for her & her sister (they share a bedroom), Purple sparkly pillows, Skin care, Size 10-12 shoe size 6

Child #3: Boy, Age 10, Nintendo switch light, Remote control car, Avenger action figures, Legos, New pillows, Transformer or avenger posters, Size 12-14 shoe size 8

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