“Hello, I am a family of 4 including myself my boyfriend and we have 2 boys ages 15 &13. My family has been with only one income due to a car accident that I was in back in July. With only one check and a little disability we have been struggling to get our bills paid as well as the holidays coming up fast. My boys don’t ask for much so I would like to get the one thing they are asking for . They both like to play online games and do a lot of school work and only have a wifi based cellphone to use. I would like to get them both a desktop computer. They are also into other things as mentioned below. Thank you so much”

Child #1: Boy, Age 15, Size med or large shirts, Socks, Med underwear, Size 32 in pants, He likes fortnite, v bucks, post malone, he has mentioned a new bike. His 20 inch is getting to small

Child #2: Boy, Age 13, Size med shirts, Size 14 or med pants ( he prefers sweatpants over jeans ), He likes WWE related stuff, Loves to play with wrestlers still, He’s a big fan of the elite wrestlers, Google play or Xbox gift cards

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