“My daughter has been asking me for clothes for Christmas most kids want toys . I do my best with second hand stores and usually she got school clothes in august for her birthday but this year not many people where able to come to her birthday . I’m a single mommy making ends meet everywhere with hardly any help and little money and do my best . I was able to get a few toys for Christmas and I know she’ll be happy but with me losing my job and school being different there has been some major changes and I feel she needs a pick me upper so I just wanted her Christmas to be a little bit more special . These times are difficult for all of us and my daughter sees that and has donated her things she outgrew or no longer played with to other little kids to make there Christmas special. She’s got a heart of gold. We both do , and any extra help this year would greatly be appreciated Happy holidays everyone”

Child #1: Girl, Age 7, Clothes she’s 7 years old tall and skinny medium leggings and 7/8 shirts , socks size 1 , she’s growing fast growth spurt
Arts and crafts she loves making things, Lol dolls, Hatchables, Toys, She loves pandas, Size 1-2 shoes, She loves dolls and doll clothing like used preemie clothes, Books she reads so well, Lego blocks, Gloves hats slippers

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