“Thank you for taking the time to help my family I’m in need of a little bit of everything I just moved into a new place and I am trying to decorate the children’s room. My life has been a roller coaster emotionally physically and financially mentally spiritually. I’m a single mom. I was working but after having the baby I started having health problems. I have diabetes and I’ve been helping my sick mother out due to the Covid I’ve lost my job and  family members I would appreciate any assistance that you can provide my children with having a Christmas that they deserve. I have a 12-year-old girl and a one year old boy his birthday is (December 2020) he turns two years old I wish to give them the Christmas that they deserve thank you and happy holidays”

Child #1: Baby Boy, Age 2, 1 year old boy that will be turning 2 years old (December 2020), Toys, under clothes, Pants T-shirts long sleeves sweaters
hats gloves scarves, Socks, Things to play with in the tub, Books to read to him, hygiene products, shoes boots

Child #2: Girl, Age 12, Books, toys, shoes, pants 6 women’s, T-shirts medium
long sleeve, under clothes, socks, Pajamas, hygiene products, shoes and, boots 8 size, jackets sweaters, Thanks to decorate her room, TV for her room

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