“Hello… I have four wonderful children two girls two boys … At the beginning of 2020 … I was rushed to the hospital and I was put into a medical induced coma … (which I was in for two and a half months) … I definitely would say that I got PTSD from it. I still have not completely healed… I had to do a physical therapy occupational therapy speech therapy a lot of things to gain my strength back I still don’t have my strength back it has affected me and so many ways. I can’t work because I become easily out of breath and I’m the process like I said trying to apply for disability because they’re saying that I may never ever gain full use of my lungs the diagnosis was double pneumonia with the flu and yes I did have the test done for covid and it came back negative twice but had all the side effects of it so I’m asking I missed my son’s birthday last year I missed my daughter’s birthday last year can you please help me give my kids a Christmas miracle I would greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart may God bless each and every one of you …”

Child #1: Boy, Age 8, Wants: army figures, vbucks for fortnite, anything chain related; need: anything that can help with learning multiplication flashcards subtraction division reading and writing arts and crafts socks boxers he is in a size 6-8 he needs a soccer ball for soccer size for he does like playing Minecraft so clothes wise he’s a size 10 12 and he would like it superheroes on it or Minecraft or fortnite clothes and of course hats and gloves sleeping bag boy hygiene products cologne etc

Child #2: Boy, Age 10, Needs: boy hygiene products toothbrush mouthwash toothpicks toothpaste hello sleeping bag clothes size 10 12 husky he likes old Navy or pretty much anything shirts he likes superhero preferably Batman t-shirts size 12-14 in boys Loca or no show socks boxer briefs and wants: vbuck for his fortnite game on Xbox one Xbox one games remote control car, plane or a drone anything that has to do with Justin Bieber jewelry he does not have his ears pierced a gift card for Build-A-Bear they want to make bears that they can hear their aunt and uncle and grandfathers voice and that passed away this year not from covid just saying a printer for pictures at home that you just have to put the SD card in with ink and paper karaoke machine he wants to be a singer

Child #3: Girl, Age 13, Needs, pillow and bed set for a queen size bed blue if possible hygiene products perfume body wash loofah shampoo conditioner things that can help detangle your hair socks underwear bra sports bra for 38 b clothes she’s really tall and thick so 1416 ladies or extra large boots size 11. towel or robe and wants she wants makeup jewelry she wants a iPhone if possible Cricket wireless robux for Roblox game she loves tik Tok and Instagram she wants a vanity light and mirror, fake nails and she’s another one that likes to sing so she wants a karaoke machine as well

Child #4: Girl, Age 15, Needs, female hygiene products clothes also 14 16 very tall or extra large favorite colors to wear pink purple white blue under clothes socks underwear bras 38 DDD Wants, hair dye red splat laptop with a webcam and large storage she wants to start writing a book about her life jewelry she has a nose pierce both ears and belly new phone for Cricket wireless preferably a large phone with large storage hair ties scrunchies brushes comb hair straightener one that would work good on African American girls she’s a mixed girl arts and crafts a game system with games either a Wii/super Nintendo/Xbox one/ or PlayStation 4

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