“Extreme hardship. Haven’t worked since April of 2020 due to being a mother of immuno-suppressed daughters. And a high risk pregnancy. So Christmas being my favorite time of year is very hard.
My daughters father hasn’t been able to work so much because of covid as well which is very worrisome. So we haven’t been able to shop for Christmas.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 8, Would like crafts as art sets, bath bomb diy kit, jewelry kits, hair scrunches, bedding for twin of jojo or snow leopard print.

Child #2: Girl, Age 4, Frozen bedding twin, frozen toys, both frozen movies, baby girl dolls, hair products for curly hair

Child #3: Baby Girl, Age 1.5, Baby dolls with no accessories, bedding for crib , cocomelon toys, cocomelon plush, clothes 24months, shoes size 5

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