“Family of 6 with 1 income that is unemployment. lost job due to covid. Older 2 son’s father was deported back in February right before covid. Rent is more than what unemployment pays. My husband is waiting to be called back into the union. I am hoping to give our kids some Christmas to brighten up there holidays as depression has hit them hard due to their father being deported as well as not having any contact with friends due to virtual classes”

Child #1: Boy, Age 13, Needs: socks size 7 mens, shirts size med mens, jeans 32/30. Full size bedding. Deodorant, cologne, shampoo head & shoulders. Wants. Headphones, ps4 giftcard

Child #2: Boy, Age 9, Needs: socks size 6 1/2 kids, shirts size med in men, sweatpants size 18/20 boys. Boxers med in men. Twin size bedding, Wants: google play gift card, slime, yoda plushee

Child #3: Boy, Age 2, Needs: shoes size 9 toddler, sweatpants size 4t/5t, shirts 4t/5t, socks. Jacket. Diapers size 7 (pampers), Wants: anything paw patrol or Disney cars. Loves books, coloring and painting

Child #4: Baby Girl, Age 4 months, Needs: teething toys, outfits size 12 months, onesies size 12 months, socks 6mths, diapers size 3, baby wipes, baby crib sheets, baby toys. Hair accessories she has beautiful curly hair

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