“I’m a newly single mom, and I’ve lost my job 2xs this year due to covid, and just wanna give my kids food,and gifts. Anything is appreciated…. we could use food,I’ve been going to all the food pantries..thank you for considering my family”.

Child #1: Boy, Age 15, Clothes mens Medium, gift cards.. hoodies.. likes sponge bob, Simpsons… cool socks, cologne

Child #2: Girl, Age 14, Clothes juniors Lg, anything harry potter, socks, perfume, makeup

Child #3: Boy, Age 3, Clothes size small 4/5, size 11 shoes, socks likes.. blippi, monster trucks, bath toys, learning toys, nerd guns.. anything boyish

Child #4: Girl, Age 8, Size 7/8 likes baby dolls anything girly

Child #5: Boy, Age 7, Size 8 clothes, anything boyish…cars, nerf guns, anything sports, sponge bob

Child #6: Boy, Age 5, Size 7 clothes, blippi, paw patrol, nerf guns, bath toys, cars anything boyish

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