“I am a single mother of 5 struggling to pay bills and most definitely to give my beautiful children a wonderful Christmas. I am on unemployment right now and struggling with depression also and my kids are too because of school situations and just covid anything would help thank you and merry Christmas”

Child #1: Girl, Age 15, Shirt size: medium womans, Pants size: 5 woman
Needs bras: womans size 38, Bed set: older girly colors, Body sprays Wants: Nintendo switch lite, Vans sneakers (black and white) size 8 womans, Gift card to salon to get hair straighten and lip bleached…it gives her a complex

Child #2: Boy, Age 14, Mens robe aize: XL, Cool pants size: 38 mens, Ps5 (i definitely know this is not possible) but its on his wishlist, Wants: Nintendo switch lite, Needs a hair cut and hair braided at salon, Jordan sneakers size: 9 mens

Child #3: Girl, Age 10, Bras womans size: 36, Bed set: girly, Hair dyed at a salon, Body sprays, Wants: Nintendo switch lite

Child #4: Boy, Age 7, , Anything boy kinda toys, Nerf guns, Cars with track, Wants: Nintendo switch lite

Child #5: Boy, Age 5, Wants anything boy toys, learning toys

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