“My husband has been deployed since march 14th due to Covid and I have been out of a job since may 2020 due to no babysitter and school due to Covid. My child is stuck doing homeschool while I have to struggle with her and her two 3, 4 year old siblings it’s difficult to be able to work. I have no family or friend that are able to babysit or help I make $246 a week for unemployment and that goes to cable garbage and mine and my husband who’s deployed phones and my daughters pull ups and I don’t even get enough food stamps as it is . I don’t even have a tree up yet”

Child #1: Girl, she loves makeup and anything dress up she’s tall and thin size 7-8 in clothing (medium in any dress up stuff possibly) loves dolls and music slime arts and crafts; Loves lol dolls and shopkins could use winter attire and she’s size 2 in sneakers or boots

Child #2: Girl, IN LOVE with dinosaurs and monster trucks anything car wise. Paw patrol and dragons. Arts and crafts. Size 7-8 in clothing size 12 in shoes. Could use winter attire as well

Child #3: Girl, Into anything baby or dolls and animals loves things music and Barbies loves trolls and paw patrol size 6-7 in clothing and 11 toddler in shoes(my three year old is a big girl)

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