“I was an essential worker in the start of the pandemic. I live in Kingston with no family or support system. It’s just me and my boyfriend and our kids. My one relative that lived here was my childcare provider because I have a four year old with special needs. My uncle passed in the middle of this pandemic and I haven’t worked since. My bills are extremely backed up and I barely have a Christmas tree. The other day I started a new job making food deliveries. I fell and hurt my knee and while I’m the hospital I found out I’m pregnant with my sixth child. Any help would be appreciated.”

Child #1: Boy, age 14, A tv (lil brother broke his), a game system cause all teenage boys have one , a basketball hoop he can put up outside in the yard, gift cards to restaurants cause he loves food, full size bed sheets, pillows and comforter

Child #2: Girl, Age 12, Ingredients to make slime, nail set, perfume and lotion set, jewelry, flat iron so she can do her own hair, full size bedding sets, gift cards for food

Child #3: Boy, Age 4, ON THE AUTISM SPECTRUM * he loves electronics, he has outgrown his paw patrol bed. He’s big for his age so could really use a bed, he loves any kind of paw patrol or pj mask toys. Tablets keep him entertained and learning

Child #4: Baby Boy, Age 1, Any toys that light up and makes noises. Learning toys like vtech toys, potty,Winter clothes 2T, sneakers and boots 13C

Child #5: Baby Boy, Age 5 months, Age appropriate toys, baby swing, car seat and stroller, high chair

Child #6: Boy, Age 3, Clothes 6 , paw patrol toys, pj masks toys, toy cars, learning toys, toddler bed and bedding, electronics like a tablet

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