“I’m a mom of 21 year old son and a 10 year old step son … This year is hard for my family im cant work due to COVID-19 because I have a bad Immune system because I had the gastric bypass 7 years ago and I’ve been dealing with complaints from this … I though my issue would be over after losing the weight no I need up on tpn 3 years bye mouth a hard road …. And I cant work my blood count and b12 are not stable and they try to stable it all the time but its rough … and my husband applied for a drivers job to make more money he pasted to drive but he cant see well ans needs gloss ans ive tried to get him an apt for months and they keep canceling ans no one has apts for months because of COVID-19 so he had to leave that postion and take a pay cut . Its just a rough year and im always sick and I have migraines after migraines and my insurance pays for 6 pills only I have a script for 30 I need this medication but I cant afford to pay 1000 dollars out of pocket I dont have it so I suffer …. I can send u all my information on my meds and u can call and they will tell u … I just wish I could give my 10 year old and 21 years old at least some kind of Christmas…. my bf checks are like 70 dollars a week.he pays child support to he 25 years old son 160 a week and 50 ro.his other son so when hes done he has 20 something 30 a week it hard with that I get employed and all my money goes for rent ans all the other bills … I cant even afford to get karsine to make my place warm I fill it its empty in 3 weeks our place is freezing I use small heaters to try and make it work but its isn’t…. I don’t work gwt unemployment my bf does and his checks are low each week so all the bills I love to be helped id appreciate it”

Child #1: Boy, Age 10, 14/ 16 clothes he likes hot wheels science kits he like rc cars and he like wimpy kid diary books . He likes foot ball he love sloths shafts and gloves. Socks boots 7. A heating f blanket queen sheets shampoo conditioner body wash hair spray pillows plz deodorant tooth brush razors shaving cream

Child #2: Boy, Age 3, loves paw patrol peppa pig blimpy hes size 5t ans he needs little boy underwear . He loves mickey mouse anything is is given he loves so much he likes dinosaurs cars dump trucks excavators garbage trucks…. he had a firetruck bed its take crib sheets he loves books hat coat socks

Young Man, Age 21, Patriots shirts lg sweet pants a lg. Socks hat gloves shampoo and any body and bath proud for young man. Queen sheets heating blanket …. pillows any thing would be appealing

Mom, I need a coat and hat I’m a med to lg from after my bypass

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