“I am nominating a wish for my sweet niece and nephew in West Hurley. My sister is disabled and a single mother. She recieves minimal assistance for her disability. She gets no help from her childrens father. Every day is a struggle for her to raise my Autistic 8 year old nephew and my handful of a 6 year old niece. She barely is able to make bills, so this time of year is so beyond stressful for her. She lives for those children, literally cause if not for them her chronic illness would overcome her. She suffers such guilt that she can not do all physically and financially that she would want to do for them more than anything. My Christmas wish this year is not for myself, but for my sister and her children! I want for her to truly feel the spirit of Christmas this year and the joy of a REAL Santa!! Though all she would want is for her littles, but a little something for her would be the shining star atop the tree of xmas!”

Child #1: Boy, Age 8, Autistic, Shoe size 3, shirt size Boys 10/12, shorts 14/16. Due to sensory issues he prefers long sleeve shirts, and will only wear shorts. Dri-fit type tops and sweat shorts. Underwear boxer briefs 14/16 dri-fit. He does not have a winter coat, which would be 10/12. Nor does he have winter boots.. Higher crew socks. His dream gift would be a drum set. Being autistic he is very musically interested and inclined. He’s also asked for a trumpet and keyboard with stand. I understand these are much and as I said, his DREAM gifts. But such a sweet boy and is grateful for anything!!!

Child #2: Girl, Age 6, Size 13 shoe. Size 7/8 shirts and pants. She is a fashionista! She very much needs winter clothes as she’s grown put of all from last year. My neice is very into dress up and make-up (real). She loves wigs. She has pierced ears and loves jewelry. Her dream gift would be a real wooden vanity to do her make-up and cosplay. Again though that is her dream gift her mother doesn’t not have the ability to fill for her. And such a sweet soul is so happy to receive anything.

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