“I have 5 children I have to find a new place by Jan 1st and need to come up with 2200 dollars for security and realtor fee before someone else gets the place or before we are homeless. I’m starting a job at Macys wensday thank God. HOWEVER I HAVE NOTHING FOR MY CHILDREN FOR CHRISTMAS and it has came to the point where I would have to let them know that I am really struggling this year and looks like I won’t be able to provide pretty much anything this year.”

child #1: Girl, Age 12, Wizardry Books clothessize 12-14 sneakers size 4Y headphones toiletries twin size bedding winter gear hats gloves

Child #2: Boy, Age 12, ps4 games size 16 shirts and 16 pants sneaker size 8 twin size bedding uno toiletries cologne

Child #3: Boy, Age 8, 8- 10 shirts 8-10 pants sneaker size 3 1/2 winter gear fortnight bedding twin size toiletries remote control Lamborghini

Child #4: Boy, Age 9, fortnight games ps4 toiletries he really loves cologne lotion and hair products remote control Lamborghini

Child #5: Boy, Age 16, sneaker size 9 1/2 headphones karaoke mic toiletries winter gear size M men

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