“This is a family of three. Mom works at Taco Bell and dad has been unable to find work so currently stays home and watches the baby. The baby receives early intervention services and dad participates in his son’s therapy sessions which take place in the home. Mom is working hard to make ends meet but is finding this a real challenge . Even with trying to work over time it is hard and stressful to cover all of the bills.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 2.5, snowsuit or snow pants size 3Tor4T, snow boots 8c. LOVES fire trucks and books about fire trucks, books in general, interactive toys such as turn a knob and something opens or lights up., puzzles with pieces that don’t come out and do things like latch the latch or lock the door etc, tricycle, educational toys for a 2 and a half/3 year old., farm house with animal figures, school house with people figures

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