“This year due to covid Christmas is going to be very hard. In the beginning of covid my husband lost his job and he wasn’t able to claim unemployment so we had to spend all of our savings to keep everything afloat and still that wasn’t enough. With my husband being out of work not able to pay for the bills that begin to pile up then my husband job open and even with the pay right now my husband is trying to catch up with the bills and so this year we can’t afford Christmas presents for our child and our nieces and nephew that we also help take care of. Even though I don’t have much for myself we only want to make sure the child and teenagers in our home have a good Christmas. But we are in need of queen and twin size beds. sheet, blanket , towels . Whatever can help. Anything can help. We are very grateful”

Child #1: Boy, Age 2, His size is 2T he is in need of shoes and socks and he plays with and toys

Child #2: Girl, Age 4, Toy, clothing, hats ,gloves

Child #3: Girl, Age 6, Toys , clothing, hat , coat gloves

Child #4: Boy, Age 16, His birthday was in November and he asked us for a game system or and iPhone.. our nephew is very hard to shop for because the stuff that he wishes for we can afford to give him. But he is open gift card he is a large in shirts anything could help please. We are grateful for whatever

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