“Hello I am 34 years old I have had a very but very rough year not only because we are all dealing with this pandemic but also because of my health. I have had 2 heart surgeries due to a genetic health condition that runs in my family AORTIC ANEURYSM I have worked all my life since I was 14 years old and got my working papers and now that I have a heart condition I am not able to work I don’t get any income what so ever I have been trying to fight my social security but since It takes a while for me to get approved right now I get not income. As we all know Christmas is only a few weeks away and I am so but so overwhelmed and stressed due to the fact I have a 16 year old which I always get gifts for and this year might just be a little to hard for me to do that. I only ask that I can make my daughters Christmas somewhat special as a mother that’s all we ask for our kids to have a good Christmas and this year it’s a little hard. I also have a yorkie dog which is 3 years old and I always try and get him something but not so sure I will be able to do so this year either. If someone can please help us out we will be greatly appreciative of u and may GOD bless u in many other ways. Sincerely Giselle thank you for taking the time to read my story well at least a little bit of my story”

Child #1: Girl, Age 16, She is into make up from Sephora or Victoria Secret, clothes she likes are from old navy, Aeropostale, Charlotte ruse,
Shirts and hoodies size medium, Jean size 5, Shoes and sneakers size 8 in woman size and in boy size 6, She is also into Pandora charms she already has bracelet

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