“Last year January I got custody of my two minor grandchildren. One is 7 and the other one is 15 both boys great kids. I receive SSI. we live in a small apartment but it’s home it’s a little hard Supported me and the boys I wouldn’t give it up for the world unfortunately the SSI I do receive I can’t do Christmas shopping for them I barely make her needs me and the boys I wouldn’t give it up for the world unfortunately I have money to do Christmas shopping for them hard to explain when they wake up Christmas morning 15-year-old understands but I’m in love to put a smile on his face and his brother are wonderful kids are going through a lot with your Help I would very appreciate it and so would they thanks you grandma “

Child #1: Boy, age 7, Size 16 or boy xL, Shoes or boots 4, He asked for a Nintendo switch light and a game for it he said for paper clip when it come to games I’m lost, He asked for the paw patrol chase car it the one on the tv commercials, He likes base ball/soccer, A bike, Hat and gloves

Child #2: Boy, Age 15, Size men shits XL, This was his list I found I told him that I couldn’t afford to do Christmas I found his list, Shoes/sock size 9, Hat and gloves, Vans hoodie L, iPad home mini, iPod

Grandma: Only if you can I biggest concern is the boys, Pjs 5x, Two years ago a friend of mine brought me a bath and Bodyworks I would love a set, Slippers size 11/12, Sweat pants and a sweatshirt 5x

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