“Hello and happy holidays I really would love for my two little girls to have a good Christmas. Me and there father split up and all the responsibility is now mine so it’s been a little rough. I also lost my mom this year. Nothing feels the same. But my spirits are so determined. I want to give my kids the best Christmas. And for everyone to have a blessed holiday and many more thank you.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 5, My daughters Christmas wishes: a bike with training wheels paw patrol, A life-size doll African-American, She loves to sing and would like a children karaoke machine, And a cute little stuffed animal, Play kitchen with fake play food, A children’s tablet, Cute little pajamas size 10-12 little girl and twin size sheets And a blanket, Little girls clothes Socks

Child #2: Girl, Age 2, Little pajamas 3T 4T, Stuffed animals, Little toys that sing ABC’s and light up, Children’s tablet, A twin size sheets and the blanket, Girls clothes socks

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