“This year has been a very hard one for many families but ours has suffered a very hard year with my health deteriorating this year after having multiple surgeries having had taken their toll. Also my fiancé’s job closed earlier this year and work with his qualifications being scarce and myself being a stay at home mother. He just recently found new employment but hours are low because he drives and weather dictates his runs. We are also facing eviction with the hardships covid has brought us. We are doing the best we can just to make ends meet right now and have three sons to take care of and Christmas is looking very bleak.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 9, Size 7 pants and shirts, Sneakers size 2 to 3 (depending on style and brand), He would love anything fortnite, Tablet / laptop, Toy dirt bikes and motorcycles, Bi planes are also a favorite

Child #2: Boy, Age 6, Size 6t pants, Size 6t shirts, Hat and gloves, Winter coat size 6, Snow suit size 6, He likes trucks and cars, Anything batman

Child #3: Boy, Age 2, Size 6 huggies diapers, Wipes, Size 4t pants, Size 4t shirts, Snow suit size 4t, Snow boots size 8 to 9, He would love the Shrek movies or any stuffed animals from the movies, He also loves blue’s clues
Also anything like cars, trucks, tractors, dirtbikes, motorcycles, and airplanes

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