“My husband was laid off in August and I am not currently working because I am being treated for thyroid cancer. Even though he gets unemployment, it leaves no room for extras. The last couple of years have been particularly hard for our family after the loss of my mother and mother in law. I’d love to give my kids a Christmas they deserve after such a trying year. Anything will help

Child #1: Boy, Age 16, Winter coat size men’s xl, Shoes 9.5, Clothes xl top, Pants- xl men’s, Likes pop co figures, cologne, shirts with funny sayings

Child #2: Girl, Age 9, Winter coat- 18-20 kids, Shoes 4, Clothes- 18-20, Like makeup, plushies, painting, arts and crafts

Child #3: Girl, Age 5, Winter coat 10-12, Shoes 13, Clothes 10-12, Likes, painting, plushies, lol dolls, Barbies, arts and crafts

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