“Only have one income coming in. I receive SSI once a month to pay bills and support my children with their needs & have 7 children. I’m praying I can receive some help for this Christmas.”

Child #1; Girl, Age 13, Needs Clothing…pants size 1 in women, medium shirts, size 7 in shoes, Sox, also needs a jacket Large.. wants LED lights makeup blanket set sheets

Child #2: Girl, Age 11, Needs clothing…pants size 8 in women large in shirts 7 1/2 in shoes socks …blankets and sheets wants LED lights makeup hair products

Child #3: Girl, Age 9, Needs Clothing…size 12 in pants, size medium in shirts size 1 in shoes socks…She wants makeup slime anything JoJo

Child #4: Girl, Age 7, Needs clothing.. size 7 in pants size 9 in shirts size 11 in shoes socks… she wants anything JoJo, makeup , Blanket and sheets for her bed bath bombs

Child #5: Girl, Age 6, Needs clothing size 6T in shirts size 7/8 in pants size 10 in shoes socks.. wants baby dolls anything JoJo Play-Doh blanket set for her bed bath bombs

Child #6: Girl, Age 4, Needs clothes.. size 4T in shirts size 4T in pants size 8 in shoes socks..Wants baby dolls anything Unicorn

Child #7: Baby Boy, Age 18 months, Need to clothing size 2T diapers size 4 whips socks Sippy cups, wants Learning toys anything blues clues or paw patrol

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