“My husband lost his job due to covid and I get disability which barely covers our bill. I am a mom of 3 and step mom of 3”

Child #1: Boy, Age 18, Wants Controller and stand for Xbox one, Needs socks underwearw size lg and sneakers size 10 jeans size mens 34

Child #2: Girl, Age 13, Wants tablet, Needs sneakers size 4 pants size 16 shirts size 16/18, Socks underwear size woman’s 8

Child #3: Girl, Age 11, Wants barbie and accessories
Needs sneakers size 2 pants size 10/12 shirts size 10/12 trainnig bras underwear size womans 5

Child #4: Boy, Age 9, Wants Xbox one se controllers fortnight cards, Needs snow pants size 10/12 snow jacket size 10/12 snow boots glove hat socks underwear size boys M

Child #5: Girl, Age 7, Wants lol dolls and accessories
Needs snow pants size 7/8 snow boots size 13 gloves hat socks underwear size 7

Child #6: Boy, Age 7, Wants drone trucks cars
Needs sneakers size 12 pants size 7 shirts size 7 socks underwear size sm

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