“My mom is struggling financially as her income is fixed due to her having medical disabilities and she’s trying to make Christmas special for her three adult kids and has three younger kids at home, two of which are special needs as well as five grandkids. She is worried she won’t be able to get gifts for any of the kids. As far as the adults they would be happy with anything gift cards, scented candles for the girls, travel cups anything. My mom doesn’t know I am reaching out to try and get help. I’m hoping to be able to surprise her with coming through with getting gifts to make Christmas special for the kids cause since we can’t get my mom the iPad or heated blanket or weighted blanket or laptop she wants. She refuses to do for her until she has the kids done so getting the kids done will make her happy so she can save to eventually finally be able to do something for herself”

Child #1: Girl, Age 2, Loves anything to do with baby shark and cocoa melon and loves to play with dolls and bath toys needs clothes size 24 months

Child #2: Girl, Age 4, Loves dolls and doll furniture and Barbie and accessories needs educational toys and a tablet

Child #3: Girl, Age 8, Needs clothes and a snowsuit size 7 wants paper dolls star shower elf on a shelf lite brite robot baby yoda age appropriate puzzles veggie tales rock painting kit anything with unicorns and mermaids baby alive dolls pets alive kinetic sand she is a girly girl loves glitter and sparkle and favorite colors are pink purple and turquoise needs a tablet for school

Child #4: Boy, Age 6, Likes spider man dinosaurs fortnite and black panther needs a tablet for school needs clothes size 7

Child #5: Boy, Age 8, Needs clothes size 8 needs a tablet for school likes to read diary of a wimpy kid books and captain underpants books likes flash black panther and fortnite and Pokémon

Child #6: Baby Girl, Age 3 months, Age appropriate toys pink glo worm and a soft doll

Child #7: Boy, Age 16, Needs jeans size 16 socks to fit shoe size 13 insulated gloves wants the criminal minds dvd series a travel coffee cup a water bottle a camping tent a battery operated flashlight with 1500 lumins cause he needs stuff for his Boy Scouts and he’s asking for a queen size fleece blanket

Child #8: Girl, Age 18, Gift cards to Walmart or any clothing store a waist trainer size medium gloves socks body fragrance sets make up mirror

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