“I am a stay at home, recently separated, mom of two special need students doing hybrid learning. I am employed but received a pay cut and am not making any commissions. I have a physical disability but did not apply in time. My kids receive child health plus and I am in process of filing for other benefits for now.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 14, Slate gray comforter is in wish list, New bedroom pillows – 2 standard – want not need, Shaving cream – bic razors, Hair spray – Aussie – want, Dove deodorant – spray, Body wash – want, Hand cream, Lip ointment, Facial cleanser, Face cream, Face masks

Child #2: Boy, Age 11, Undershirts – size 8/10, SOCKS – need, Boxer briefs -8/10- need, Hair gel, Toothbrushes please, Deodorant, chap stick, Bar soap, Neosporin, Band aids, Tweezers, Vaseline, Pokémon cards, Xbox card – as much as you think is reasonable, Gift card for dicks- plays baseball

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