“After spending almost 3 years in the shelter/motel … I finally got into stable housing (this month) in Kingston. This is a wonderful step forward for my family, which is just my daughter and I. Currently I am not working, I am on SSI for PTSD/Anxiety. And although I finally have the space for presents now that I am out of the shelter, I don’t have sufficient income to finally fulfill the Christmas spirit to my home… Growing up, this time of year was so magical and special being around family, and opening presents, the tradition of shared peace and happiness in our home. This would be the first Christmas she’s having where she could wake in her own room, walk downstairs and see the magic of Santa and his elves, the rain deer! I named her with all the love I could muster and would really appreciate if you would consider helping me demonstrate to her how magical Christmas truly is”

Child #1: Girl, Age 4, ** I just want to say… sheis biracial, so if there are any books/toys that represents her that would be AMAZING! Cotton Socks (kids size 12), Fitted sheets twin mattress (she LOVES Moana), Winter boots (12.5 or 12), Sweat pants (size 6/7), Sweat shirts(size 6/7), Ryan Egg, Bath toys, Bubble bath stuff, Play make up, Play Dresses (6/7), Play tiara, Play princess shoes

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