“I am a mother of five children and my oldest has high functioning autism. My oldest child has had it rough since last month. She was in the ER three times due to spider or tick bite which led to a result of Bell’s palsy which lasted a week and a half. I myself is battling with fibromyalgia and Dad has Lyme disease. We are in need of warm winter clothes, 2 Queen and 2 twin Comforters and 6 pillows and Towels. Their father has been working real hard to pay off his license and meet all our needs but unfortunately we are still behind”

Child #1: Girl, Age 9, is in need of a Coat, winter boots, underwear, socks and sheets for a Queen size bed. She would like Clothes and shoes her sizes are medium 10/12 and shoes size is 5. She loves anything Cats and Unicorns

Child #2: Boy, Age 7, is also in need of clothes shirts pants underwear, and socks & winter boots. He is a size 10 husky in pants and a size 4 in shoes. He likes Minecraft Roblox and Star wars he also enjoys board games and books.

Child #3: Boy, Age 5, He is in need of a pillow, blankets and sheets for a twin bed he also needs winter boots, hat, gloves, underwear and socks. He is a size 6 in pants and shirts and 1 in shoes. He would like books games and toys.

Child #4: Girl, Age 3, She needs warm clothes shirts, pants, underwear , socks, Hat, Coat, and Gloves. She is size 4t-5t her shoe size is a 10
She wants headbands and hair bows. She loves Minnie mouse, cats and butterflies. She would also like blankets and pillows for her toddler bed

Child #5: Baby Girl, Age 22 months, is a need of a coat, hat, gloves, sock and snow boots. She wants toys and stuffed animals and blanket and pillows for her toddler bed

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