“I am the mother of two boys. I currently do not have a job due to Covid. I’m barely scraping by with the help of my mother who is on disability and can’t really help much due to the fact she cant work due to her disability and her own bills. I can barely put food in the table, and it’s just a really tough time. My boys don’t ask for much, but they are so deserving and such good boys. Thank you and Happy Holidays.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 5, Shoe size 11, socks size small, winter coat size 6, underwear size 6. Snow pants size 6, winter boots size 11.Hes into minecraft and fortnite, cars, games rc cars

Child #2: Boy, Age 9, Winter coat size 10, shoes size 3, underwear size 10/12 socks size 10/12, snow pants size 10, snow boots size 3. He’s into minecraft and fortnite

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