“We are a family of 5 barely getting by. With COVID, loss of hours at work, and unemployment being a bare minimum we have struggled to pay all necessary bills that keeps our roof over our head. This year, we have nothing extra. We have utilized all community aid for food and clothing, but gifts this year are not feasible. We as parents would be forever grateful for our kids to have just something to bring them joy Christmas morning.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 13, She is your average teen girl. Loves anime, and loves drawing and art supplies. Shoe size 3.5Y. Size 1 juniors and juniors medium. New winter coat very plain clothing.

Child #2: Boy, Age 12, Boys large, Shirts, pants 14-16, 3.5Y shoes, likes fortnite, board games, new winter coat

Child #3: Girl, Age 4, Clothes 5-6, shoes size 10c , Likes LOL dolls, new coat

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