“This year has been hard with 4 children I’m a single mother. Recently my house was robbed. I came home from work (overnight) and noticed my windows open. When I entered I realized my house was broken into. I called the police but with no lead there is nothing they could do. My children have lost their chromebooks, Nintendo switch, blue tooth speakers, toys, cash, even clothing, jackets and sneakers. These is just a few things that were taken. My kids still won’t sleep in their room as that was the window that was open. I have bought security cameras and trying to replace all we lost. They have birthdays in beginning of November for 2 and 2 in December. I’m a little overwhelmed with trying to get them things that were stolen especially the necessities back that Christmas is going to hard”

Child #1: Girl, Age 2, 2T clothing, 3T coat, shoes size 6. Toddler bed set. She loves princesses. She likes to clean up. She loves bows in her hair. Would like a broom and vacuum set. Books are her favorite pastime and a doll. She likes to read to her babies

Child #2: Boy, Age 8, Size 10 pants and shirts. Size 10 coat. Size 2 sneakers. He only wants yu gi oh and pokemon cards. He is a dancer and loves it. He needs a new bookbag or duffel bag to put his items in. He just wants everyone else to be happy. He does ask for a piggy bank that he could put his money in when he earns some. He also likes art and cooking.

Child #3: Boy, Age 10, He is a size 10 clothing and coats. Size 2 sneakers. He likes hats and scarves, He would like yu gi oh and his own tablet (I’m working on the tablet). He is a loner and loves to learn about animals and likes to learn about maps. He also loves stuffed animals

Child #4: Boy, Age 16, Anything to decorate his room. He dances and loves sports. He is in men clothing 32’34 pants which are hard to find. Men;s medium shirts and size 10 sneakers/boots. He only wants money or giftcards . He like to design his own shirts so art supplies. He like to exercise so anything in that direction could be amazing

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