“Single mom to one son who’s 11 years old. We currently live with my family which includes my mom, stepdad, sister, my son and myself. I was out of work from March until August. I started a new job in September but it’s only Per diem. I haven’t worked in the last two weeks and have no current assignment. Plus my father passed away in October out West and there was no funeral or goodbyes”

Child #1: Boy, Age 11, Shirt size 10/12 he likes any shirts. Short sleeved, long sleeve or sweaters. Maybe something with animal crossing or gaming. Pants size 12 sweatpants and jeans the jeans have to have built in belt on the inside. He’s a size 12 for length. Shoes kids size 4. Socks crew cut shoe size kids 4 and up. Underwear size 12 prefers boxers, stretchy kind not cotton. PJs size 10/12. Animal crossing bedspread set twin size with sheets and pillow cases. If they don’t have that bedspread, a twin sharpa fleece blanket any color but pink. Two new pillows. Boots size 4. Gloves and hat. LEGO Statue of Liberty, super Mario 3D all stars video game for the switch , switch headset and microphone, or the books: The one and only Ivan and The one and only bob. Lush gift card for nice baths.

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