“I’m a mom with 4 kids living with my grandma. Covid has been hard this year for my family and I just want to have a normal Christmas for my kids but its hard living on one income with hours being cut. We don’t get any food stamps or anything like that.  I don’t work. I’m a stay at home mom taking care of my kids.  My grandma gets SSI $500 a month that goes to bills.  I just want my kids to be happy for Christmas this year cause they have anxiety about covid and is afraid to leave the house. This year has been hard on all of us.  Any help is appreciated thanks and God bless.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 10, Size 8 sketchers. Bean bag chair. Huge 5 foot teddy bear to keep me warm at night. Girl socks and size 12 girls underwear

Child #2: Girl, Age 12, Victoria secret bags and perfume and lotion., Size 14 underwear. Size 8 heeleys. Makeup and earrings. Girls watch

Child #3: Boy, Age 13, Size 10 basketball sneakers, Extra large underwear. Nike socks. Extra large nike t-shirts. Extra large jacket. Roblox gift card

Child #4: Boy, Age 15, Size 12 basketball sneakers, large underwear. Nike socks. Large nike t-shirts. Nike hat. Large jogger pants and a Nike wallet

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