“Hi I’m in desperate need of help this Christmas. I am a single mother of 3. I haven’t been able to work due to Covid and we’re just barely getting by with the bills. My kids have been wonderful and helpful all year round and have helped me with my anxiety and depression and I would love to return the favor but unfortunately I’m far behind in rent and the Salvation Army is no longer accepting applications please anything is appreciated.Thank you in advance and God bless.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 5, (Clothes size 6t, Kids Shoe size 11) Needs Clothes, Coat and boots, Blankets. Likes BabyAlive, BathToys, PlayDough, Anything Girly, likes mermaids, GiftCards, anything is appreciated thank you again

Child #2: Boy, Age 10, (Clothes size 10-12 Shoe Size 4) Needs boots, Clothes, Socks, Blanket) Wants ps4 controller, Pokémon Cards, GiftCards, He wants Anything boys like, he’s not picky and appreciates anything

Child #3: Girl, Age 14, Needs underwear, socks, pajama pants (small), Boots, Wants Makeup, perfume earrings, Giftcards

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