“This year has been more than difficult. Both me and my boyfriend lost our jobs at the beginning of COVID. Unfortunately, due to only being part time workers we weren’t eligible for the unemployment or the extra unemployment. We have three children and one on the way in May 2021. I am about 15 weeks pregnant and high risk due to a heart condition so it makes it that much more difficult to work, even if I was able to. We are barely keeping our head above water and every penny we do have we get diapers or food. But it’s hard because we have to choose some days which is more of a necessity. My middle aged son goes to a special school because he receives many added services so sometimes we have to put more time and attention into him which makes the ability to do certain things very difficult. And time to work extra very hard. We do not have much support from our families. I recently had my car totaled and we are down to one car which need to use for 5 people and it just seems always to be one struggle after the other. One of my boyfriend’s and my best friends of about 15 years or so was just killed in a serious motorcycle accident (in November 2020). The emotional toll some days are more than we can handle. We are very behind on rent and bills also but do what we can, when we can. We do our best to give our kids everything and make it so they don’t think anything is wrong. We put a smile on everyday so they are happy and don’t have to worry. They deserve a Christmas. And it breaks my heart to know I can’t give them the things they want or need this holiday. Thank you so much for at least taking the time to read our story.”

Child #1: She loves greys/blues/earth tone colors, Hat/scarf/gloves, Boots, 7.5, Comforter, Queen size bedding, Hair products/accessories, Facial products, Lotions/perfumes, Do it yourself nail kit, Fuzzy socks, Soccer ball, Sled, Helmet, Cleats, she plays on a soccer team but has been having a hard time playing because her cleats are a size too small, and are tight.

Child #2: Boy, Age 4, He likes anything Dinosaurs or Avengers. He is a true county boy. Loves to be outdoors., Coat, 5T, Boots, Hat/gloves/scarf, Nerf guns, Helmet, Bakugan/Bayblades, Outdoor play equipment, Kids board games, ones that aren’t so common because he has most of the well known board games for kids. Sled Fishing pole/accessories

Child #3: Boy, Age 2, My youngest loves blues clues, anything to do with coloring/art, cooking. Coat 4T, Hat/gloves/scarfs, Kids Art easel, this is his most wanted thing, Kitchen play set/accessories, this is also something he is dying for. Play doctor’s kit, Blankets, Blue clues/mickey mouse toys, Sled, Little kids fishing pole, Helmet

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