“I have SSDI is my income rent is $850 a month leave me with cable and electric barely have $200 to buy everything paper and then I’m broke. I’m a mom grandma , great grandma. I really need the help and thank you for listening. Merry Christmas”

Child #1: Boy, age 10, He needs everything listed below Boys 16 /18 @18/20 tops and under boys brief size16 twin bed boys 5 youth shoes, electric tooth brush and he uses deodorant body spray and liquid mens soap. He’s into street wear update clothing . Boots, shoes socks tee shirts, everthing lotion mouth wash arts and craft games twin beds

Child #2: Girl, Age 11, She wears 18 woman top and bottom 8 womans shoes panties 8 and need everything comb and brush, deodorant, body spray a lot of panties, mouth wash, tooth brushes lotion everything listed below and a bike arts crafts twin bed

Child #3: Girl, Age 4, She love dolls ride toys wears 5t and 9 c she like tights boots dresses pants and tops lotion toothbrush electric, coat gloves hat she love tablet .she needs everything. Bubble bath ,lotion bonnet sleepand. pull up to sleep at girls 6 twin beds

Child #4: Boy, Age 12, He growing so fast he wears size medium in mens 34 waist he also need everything listed below h’se Into his game but he need bike something that can keep in active he like painting deodorant, lotion toothbrushes electric body soap for men body spray twin beds

Child #5: Boy, Age 13,  need clothes badly 36 waist mens lg mens tops size 19 mens shoes boxer briefs for all boys med. and body lotion, deodorant toilet paper tooth brushes tooth paste board games bike twin beds

Child #6: Girl, Age 4, She loves thing lights up dolls stroller, she wears 5t/6 she grew out her clothes need all listed below what ever you. baby lotion shampoo ,tooth brush electric, and bubble bath size 10c in shoes ty twin bed

Child #7: Boy, Age 12, He wears size 14 boys and size 8 mens shoe he needs underwear boxer briefs, bottoms top he likes up date clothing and soap, lotion toothbrushes, deodrant, body spray and twin bed

Child #8: Boy, Age 14, He athlete play football love all sports he wears size 34 waist, lg men shirts and size 8 shoe, he love legos need everything listed below underwear twin bed needs all apply deodorant lotion soap. Tooth brush electric

“We could use a basket of food for Christmas.”

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